Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners to Make Money Online in 2020

Somewhere in our mind, we all dream for that Passive Income! Want to know, what is does passive income mean? Then check this 4 Legit Ways to Make Passive Income. Either Active or Passive Income you are looking to make, this Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners will help you out with ‘How to do Affiliate Marketing’ roadmap.

Many dream to make money even while they are in sleep. Let’s not leave that dream behind, let’s just make that dream into reality with this Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners. There a lot of programs in the market to teach you affiliate marketing with a nominal fee.

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Let’s Start With ‘What Is Affiliate Marketing’ in This Affiliate Marketing Guide:

Affiliate Marketing means you will market the product of any publisher or manufacturer to the people who are interested in such product. It can be a software or en e-book.  When you make a sale through your affiliate link, then the owner of that e-book or software will pay you the commission for the product you sold.

The Four Important Steps Of Affiliate Marketing

1) Find the best product.

2) Get into their affiliate program.

3) Find the referral link and use that in your promotions.

4) Get the sale, grab the commission.

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Now is the time to start. Time is ticking!!!!

How to Find a Profitable Niche in Affiliate Marketing

There are a lot of niches available in the market to sell. But as an affiliate marketer, you need to find the profitable niche in affiliate marketing which you like the most or the niche which has more conversion opportunities.

There are three markets which have the highest potential to make money online. You can check them in the image below in this affiliate marketing complete guide.

Find a Profitable Niche in Affiliate Marketing

Find a Profitable Niche in Affiliate Marketing

How Not To Do Affiliate Marketing

Why I am writing this in this affiliate marketing step by step guide about how not to do Affiliate Marketing is because I had seen many of them doing it in a wrong way. They are putting a lot of efforts, just for one sale.

Here in this Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners, I will give you the examples of bad marketing

a) Directly posting the affiliate offer links in the Facebook group.

b) Directly sending Traffic on the offer page

This kind of affiliate marketing practice is one of the dumbest one to do. Because with this kind of practice you are putting a lot of effort but you aren’t collecting the Email ID of the people whom you are driving to that offer page.

affiliate marketing step by step guide
How Not To Do Affiliate Marketing

How To Do Affiliate Marketing

In this affiliate marketing complete guide, this step is important to understand. The proper way of conducting an online business is with the use of affiliate marketing tools. The best affiliate marketing tools help you build the list when you drive the traffic on your squeeze page by giving something for free.

Next, You are here to build the business, and the most important asset of this affiliate marketing business is an Email List. So, instead of driving the traffic directly, you can collect the Email ID at first with your Squeeze Page and Autoresponder.

This way you can contact your customers later and promote different affiliate offers from Clickbank and JVZOO that pays you commissions on any sale. Or maybe find CPA offers that pays you per lead. This is further explained in an image below.

Hope you understood the importance of Landing page and Autoresponder to scale your affiliate marketing business.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing
How To Do Affiliate Marketing

What Successful Affiliate Marketers Do

Successful affiliate marketers build their Email List for long term business opportunities with affiliate marketing tools. Their whole agenda is to build a long term business through which they can make money while sleeping as well.

Which Affiliate Marketing Tools Are Necessary For Beginner

I am presently using a Squeeze page of Clickfunnel with an Email Marketing Software GetResponse. Clickfunnel has a best and easy way to build Squeeze/Landing Pages where you can avoid wasting too much time on building websites.

Using Clickfunnel and GetResponse you can put your business on automation mode and you can do affiliate marketing without a website. This automation mode helps to make a sequence of follow up emails of affiliate offers in advance.

Clickfunnel also has lots of tutorials which guide you to create the best landing page. Their support is available right at your fingertips to solve all kind of queries.

The reason why I used Clickfunnel is due to their amazing 14 days free trial period. Most landing page companies don’t have such combinations like with free trial and with a combination of all products, so I preferred this product over others.

And for Email Marketing Software or Email AutoResponder, I prefer GetResponse due to their amazing 30 Days Free Trial. Their support is available 24/7 and they maximum try to help you out with every issue.

The best Affiliate Marketing tools to start as a beginner as Clickfunnel Free Trial and Get Response Free Trial.

OK! Now you created the accounts in these affiliate marketing tools to do affiliate marketing without website, but what’s next? You need to find a product or business to promote! Don’t worry, I am here’s to help you with that as well!

Here’s my Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners about ‘ How to Find Great Affiliate Products to Promote’- Download Now!!!

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Here’s my Affiliate Marketing PDF which talks about ‘How to Promote Affiliate Products with Google Adwords’.

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